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Introduction Thank you for purchasing the Ubiquiti Networks® UniFi® AP. This Quick Start Guide is designed to guide you through installation and also includes warranty terms. CSMA/CA - Clemson University medium based on the CSMA/CA protocol Collision detection is not used since a node is unable to detect the channel and transmit data simultaneously A node listens to the channel before transmission to determine whether some one else is transmitting The receiving node sends an acknowledge packet (ACK) a short time interval after receiving the packet If an ACK is not received, the packet is ... Configuring Radio Settings [Cisco 800 Series Routers] - Cisco… • Enabling Short Slot Time for 802.11g Radios. • Performing a Carrier Busy Test. • Configuring VoIP Packet Handling.You can increase throughput on the 802.11g 2.4-GHz radio by enabling short slot time. Reducing the slot time from the standard 20 microseconds to the 9-microsecond short slot... Enabling Short Slot Time For 802.11g Radios; Performing A… Short slot time is disabled by default. In radio interface mode, enter this command to enable short slot timeOL-14209-01. Cisco IOS Software Configuration Guide for Cisco Aironet Access Points. Enabling Short Slot Time for 802.11g Radios. (Figure.

Стандарт 802.11n для сетей Wi-Fi был утвержден организацией IEEE (Институт инженеров по электротехнике и радиоэлектронике) 11 сентября 2009 года. В основе стандарта 802.11n: Увеличение скорости передачи данных; Увеличение зоны покрытия...

If it finds that the medium is continuously idle for DCF Interframe Space (DIFS) duration, it is then permitted to transmit a frame. If the channel is found busy during the DIFS interval, the station should defer its transmission. DIFS duration can be calculated by the following method. DIFS = SIFS + (2 * Slot time) How Stuff Works – 802.11n and Short Guard Interval | WiFi ...

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Wireless Reliability - Guard Intervals | InterOperability Each transmission burst in 802.11 requires a guard interval that makes it so transmissions do not interfere with one another. Normally this is an 800ns timer that allows for time between bursts. This gives a safe time between transmissions. 802.11n outlined the idea of a short guard interval, decreasing the timer to 400ns. This gives less time between transmissions, which Issue with SonicPoint NE Access Points and Surface 2 Pro

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When queried, the OID_DOT11_SHORT_SLOT_TIME_OPTION_ENABLED object identifier (OID) requests that the miniport driver return the value of the IEEE 802.11gThis MIB object specifies whether the current PHY type has enabled the 802.11g short slot time option. Advanced wireless settings/zh cn - DD-WRT Wiki Short Slot Times - The amount of time a device waits after a collision before retransmitting a packet. You can increase throughput on 802.11g, 2.4-GHz radios by enabling Shortslot override (most .11g radios enable this by default). Reducing the slot time from the standard 20 microseconds to the...